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Discussion Board

  1. Do you agree with the DSM V grouping Autism and Asperger’s into one diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition? Why/why not?
  2. What are the major policy issues you feel ASAN Manitoba should address?
  3. What can be done to build a stronger sense of culture, pride and community in Manitoba for those on the spectrum?
  4. What are your thoughts on Dr. Aston’s study regarding Cassandra Syndrome in relationships between individuals with ASC and Neurotypicals?


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2. mary - August 7, 2010

my name is mary, im 17 and i was just diagnosed as an aspie this year. i am still trying to come to terms with the diagnosis and what it means for my family and me .

im not too sure if i agree with grouping apsergers into the asd catagory, but i have found it easier to say to people that aspies is high funcioning autism with difficulties in social aspects of life than to go into great detail about the meaning of it and the differences as well as similarities between the two. i find that most people know the basics about autism but to say aspergers, is like speaking greek to them. by identifying, however, aspergers as a degree of autism people don’t see the difference between the two. i think society needs to be made more aware of aspergers and what it entails.

in the medical field, for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, it is more practical to place people with similar difficulties and symptoms onto one spectrum. this grouping alows the big picture of autism to be looked at from an educated point of view and allows research to be conducted effectively. people in the general population don’t have the same understanding of disorders and how they work as those in medical profesions and areas of expertise, therefore, stereotypes are placed on people identifying with parts of the spectrum. due to the media, stereotypes are often influenced and fueled by the worst case scenarios. awareness and tolerance of aspergers and autism needs to be emphasized and taught at a younger age where more facts can be offered and less assumptions can be made.

from my point of view, the schools need to get off thier arsses and stop giving parents empty promises that poo poo the issues of diagnosis and treatment. stop making up excuses and apologizing and start putting the cappable minds available to good use. together we can make a difference in our schools and communities. waiting 17 years and having to go through hospitalization before finally getting noticed and helped is not fair to anyone.

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