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About Vanessa

Ms. Kimball

My name is Vanessa Kimball, and I was diagnosed with Autism-Spectrum Condition when I was eighteen. I have participated in panel discussions, and spoken to teachers and educational assistants on Professional Development days. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a B.Ed., and B.Sc. in May 2009. This is a picture of me in my new classroom at Baibombeh Anishinabe School where I teach Math.



1. diane1macnaughton - May 25, 2011

Cool, I am here. I am Diane. I was diagnosed in 2003. I will be 54 this summer. You do the math. My son will be 21. He was diagnosed when he was 6. I will be doing my first presentation on June 1st. I have my own respite business. I am on disability. I just received the humanitarian civic award from Medicine Hat because I have been volunteering for too many organizations for 20 years. I am on my 2nd marriage to a fellow I met in Mood Disorders. I am also bipolar.

2. Karen Autistas Angeles Halabura - September 29, 2011

Hi I’m officially diagnosed NLD ADHD BPD Dyscalcula Developmental Coordination Disability and I feel that the NLD is wrong that I am actually aspie. I have a daughter who is low functioning autistic and there are many in my family that are computer programmers engineers mechanics There are a couple officially diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. I’ve just found out about the NLD after being seen once for about 1 hour by a child psychiatrist at HSC. I fit so much of the Aspie qualities which fit into all these diagnosis. I came across 3 psychiatrists at HSC who never heard of NLD and I was shocked. How can I get help? My GP doesn’t believe in any of the diagnosis because all but one he considers cannot be diagnosed in adults. He also says that there is no hope or quality of life for an Autistic and specifically told me my daughter has and never will have a fulfilling life. Thanks Karen

3. diane1macnaughton - September 29, 2011

Hi Karen;

I do not know where to get services in your area because I am in Alberta. I know here the place to go is in Edmonton. There is great services online. Check out my website for links. http://www.autisminthefamily.com

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